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Feature :

  • Used for sanding or polishing the edge of the table surface, the edge of the seat, the edge of the bar door, the edge has a concave convex profile, the edge of the corner of the edge, the edge of the edge, the concave curved edge has R> 500mm (...)
  • The machine has two coarse and fine roughers to give a smoother surface
  • Sanding and broom replacement are easy and quick 
  • Suitable for discharging paint and scrubbing wood surfaces
  • Customize the roughness speed by inverter
  • Customize the height of the anilox roll and the axial degree by gently lifting motor.
  • Quickly adjust the machine when changing product specifications


 Timber working width:
mm H = 5mm – 80mm
 Tilt of 2 spindles:

 Machine size :
mm W=1000mm . L=1200mm . H = 1100 mm
 Power of brush motor:
Kw 0.37KW * 2pcs
power of lift motor:
Kw 0.1KW* 2pcs
Speed of brush shaft:
rpm50-500 rpm/min
 Operating voltage:
V1 phases - 220V +_ 5%, 50HZ

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