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Specialized in horizontal jointing of panels with different sizes.

Quick drying of glue in joints by the eclectric high frequency technology. 


- Faster coupling speed than other technologies. 

- Simple operation, less manpower. 

- Wood after pressing has uniform quality, no warping. 

-  Safety for the user. 

- The press table is a monolithic steel machined with high precision to increase the life of the presser while the product is uniform and reaches the maximum quality. 

- Save electricity. 

- Low maintenance fee, easy to clean glue. 

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 Timber working length:

 L = 200mm - 2500mm

 Timber working width:

 W = 200mm - 1250mm

 Timber working height::

H = 12mm - 60mm

(Option: 12mm - 120mm)

 motor for feeding workpieces:

 1HP * 1psc

 Hydraulic motor:

 5HP * 1pcs

 63x250 cylender

 3 pcs

  63x100 cylender

 12 pcs

 Working pressure of hydraulic cylinder

 10 ÷ 60 kgf/cm2


 37 kw

 Capacity /min

 1 pcs / 3 - 4min

 Machine demensions (LxWxH)

 8400 x 2175 x 1935mm

 Machine net weight

 4690 kg

 Weight of 2 feeding tables

 680 kg


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