Wood sanding machine

What is the features of the wood sanding machine that you need to know today?

What is the sanding wood machine?

Wood sanding machine is the equipment that is necessary for the producing factory. This machine is able to replace the labor and get higher productivity.

There are plenties of wood sanding machines with a variety of models in the market, they are used for a specific purpose. This equipment is very useful in smoothing and polishing the wood surface quickly and effective

What is the wood sanding machine?

Previously, to get a complete wooden board, smooth surface, it had to go through a lot of different manual stages. Surface sanding plays a very important role in finishing the product. This is a process that takes a lot of time and effort of the worker.

Therefore, new types of wood sanding machines are launched to help workers carry out this job faster, save more costs.

What is the use of wood sanding machine?

Wood sanding machine is a very useful device in creating beautiful and quality wood products. To serve this demand, the machine always has the latest improvements in design to best application for users.

When sanding, a lot of small dust and sawdust fly through the air, making users often breathe in the dirt. Therefore, the machine has been integrated with a vacuum cleaner function to protect the health of workers and the environment.

What is the use of wood sanding machine?

In addition, the device is also designed to reduce vibration, creating comfort during use. Noise of the machine is also reduced, the weight of the device is also lighter. Rubber button part of the handle to prevent slipping. The use of sandpaper is a special type: round sandpaper.

Machine design is also quite complete to help you complete the sanding step for the product. Operation is also quite simple. But you still need to read the manual carefully before putting it into operation.

Structure of a wood sanding machine

Like many other specialized equipment, wood sanding machines also have common structural characteristics. Detail:

Wood dust bag: used to store wood dust, dirt during sanding.

Push button lock: allows you to lock the button when it is needed, this can also be called a hands-free button, they will help you limit the effort required when not always need to hold the on / off.

Structure of wood sanding machines

Clamp: is a part that allows you to lock the sanding machine upside down to create a support for the machine.

Handle: this is the most exposed part for users when they need to use sanding machine.

Application of wood sanding machine

Wood sanding machine is a tool to effectively handle material surfaces, replacing human labor. This is a very useful device for those who make wood products.

You can see sanding machines in wood factories, places of furniture production, fine art articles ... The principle of using them is simple but highly effective, well supporting the processing of wood materials.

Application of wood sanding machine

Each type of machine has different functions, so the user needs to clearly identify the needs and purposes to choose the appropriate machine. Specifically as:

  • • Belt sander: suitable for materials such as doors, countertops and irregular surfaces, suitable for heavy work.
  • • Sanding machine for triangles: used for tight corners such as chair axes, slot positions, softly, because it easily crept into many different positions.
  • planks suitable for retaining square edges.
  • • Square sanding machine: suitable for decorative panels and plywood.
  • Edge sanding / side sanding machine: It can be done from a sharp shell to polished applications, suitable for both wood and metal.

Some types of wood sanding machines in Hong Ky

Sanding machine automatically shakes 1350D

The machine has some features and advantages as follows:

  • • Specially used to scrub wood before priming and rubbing liners from rough to fine.
  • • Highly efficient polishing.
  • • Clean the surface.
  • • Suitable for many types of wooden surfaces such as: flat surface, convex surface, straight bar, groove, thread, plane, profile, complex patterns, wooden doors of all kinds ...
  • • Removing wood hair helps the wood absorb less primer, saving primer.
  • igh productivity, uniform products
  • • Machine can rub 1, 2, 3, 4 sides at the same time.

In particular, the machine is manufactured and distributed by Hong Ky Company, so we always have sandpaper and brushes available for replacement.

: Sanding machine Module 1300 UU-NN-DD

The machine has outstanding features such as:

  • • Dedicated to scrub the wood before priming, rub primer from raw to fine
  • • Clean the surface for high-gloss paint
  • • Suitable for use on flat surfaces, convex surfaces, straight bars, grooves, thread markers, profiles, complex patterns, etc.
  • • Remove the wood hairs so that the wood absorbs less primer, saves primer, creates a smooth lumber background before lining.
  • • Do not change the structure or deform the wood.
  • • Rub priming without blemish, no white edge, no fading of primer color.
  • • The products are homogeneous, less prone to errors
  • • Round edges evenly, reducing sharp edges easily.
  • • High productivity, halving labor force, quadruple productivity.

Sanding machine with 4 sides and 8 axes

The 4-sided 4-sided sanding machine has features such as:

  • • Sanding 1 side, 2 sides, 3 sides or 4 sides at the same time.
    • Sanding the bars and sections, evenly, the surface of the wood is not warped.
    • Suitable for painting and sanding of wood surfaces.
    • Customize sanding speed, conveyor speed by inverter via HDMI touch screen.
    • Customize the height of the roughing axes, the viscous mandrel shaft has a clock that shows the correct mechanical number.
     • Adjust the device quickly when changing product specifications.

Sanding machine edge 2 axis tilted

The machine is used for sanding or polishing wooden edges, door edges, angled edges ... The machine has outstanding features such as:

There are 2 rough and fine sanding shafts combined

Plastic sanding machine

This is a machine manufactured by Hong Ky, so spare parts are always available. The machine has features such as:

• Cut the wood, wipe the surface of wood after rubbing iron
• High productivity, products created evenly
• Safe for users' hands
• Customizing abrasives and brushes suitable for all types of wood
 • Do not create dust on wood

Sanding machine conveyor iron 1370

Rail conveyor sanding machine provides fast working efficiency. The machine uses freight to access the wooden surface, creating wood grain on the surface. You can use this machine for both natural wood and plywood. The machine has advantages:

  • • Help halve labor and double productivity
    • High productivity, products have uniformity, less error
    • The pattern of wood is beautiful and even
     • Suitable for the needs of scrubbing and creating patterns

Why choose wood sanding machine in Hong Ky?

Wood sanding machines come in a variety of sizes and sizes, so you need to choose a quality and suitable machine. Hopefully the above information shared by Hong Ky will help you.

If you also want a quality sanding machine, please contact Hong Ky. Our products guarantee to bring customers the best quality, genuine, best price.

You will be advised to choose the device that best suits your business purpose and needs. The product will bring you satisfaction, peace of mind when using.

If you have any questions, please contact us. For further information, please contact:

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