What is a jointing machine?

What is a jointing machine? Learn about wood lathes in Hong Ky

Today's furniture products such as tables, cabinets ... are made from large wooden boards. But how to make such large boards? Jointing machine were born to serve the purpose of creating these large boards. Hong Ky will help you find quality products.

What is a Jointing machine

Before using, you need to understand the jointing machine. This is a device used to assemble wood pieces, parts, odd details into a complete product. The machine will increase the high accuracy, the ability to fit the part to form a complete product.

These products all meet testing criteria before they are shipped to consumers. There are many types of wood jointing machines are being applied such as horizontal wood jointing machine, vertical jointing machine, etc. The models come from different brands, imported from many different countries to manufacture exquisite products.

What is jointing machine

Most of these machines are designed with the most modern microprocessor system to ensure the draw frame with the most accurate details. The models are sized over 2.5 tons, with an area of about 3m2 or more.

In terms of structure, these models often have designs including the following types of motors: geared motors, saw motors, hydraulic pump motors. Saw blade designs are often of length and stiffness to ensure easy, accurate peeling and sawing. 

The tightness of the pieces has a difference not exceeding 0.05mm.

The advantage of the jointing machine

 With Hong Ky, the product range of wood jointing machines will surely make you satisfied with the quality and prestige. You will see the advantages such as:

  • The high-frequency generator has a high capacity of glue, which completely kills the glue inside, which will shorten the time of jointing
  • With a heavy steel plate at the top combined with strong hydraulic pressure, helps the surface of the composite sheet be flat, not warping.
  • The machine has an automatic workpiece push system for continuous production.
  • The components are high quality selected, the main parts are imported to ensure durability and stability for the device.
  • The glue used is 1 component glue and 2 component glue.

Joining machine for large wooden boards

However, you should note that 2-component glue only used for about 20-25 minutes back, if the time is over, the pull will not stick anymore and lose effect.

The time to finish pressing a board is about 2-3 minutes each with a thickness of 30mm or less. About 3-4 minutes a sheet with planks about 30-75mm thick. About 4-5 minutes with 75-90mm thick board.

Some types of wood jointing machine in Hong Ky

Hongky Electric high frequency board jointing machine 

Hongky Electric high frequency board jointing machine used for horizontal jointing, grafting of different sizes with characteristics:

  • Safe, high efficiency, low power consumption
  •  Simple operation, less manpower
  • Compared with other technologies, the coupling speed of this technology is faster
  • Good quality jointing, no warping
  • Suitable for a variety of wood glue

Horizontal Electric high frequency board jointing machine

Automatic longitudinal jointing finger system HKT-620

Automatic Finger jointing line

Automatic Finger jointing line 2M5

The machine has some outstanding features such as:

  • Independent upper and lower rollers, 2 separate motors combine with large rollers, providing strong and high-speed workpiece winding.
  • High productivity machine with 6-8 seconds / bar cycle
  • Touch screen displays Vietnamese language for users to control easily
  • Suitable for jointing plant
  • Controlled by PLCs and inverters

Automatic Finger jointing line

Hong Ky automatic 2-table jointing machine for high working productivity, controlled by PLC and inverter. Machines for automatic laminating, cutting 

Automatic Finger jointing line

Auto finger jointing machine inverter

The machine has a knife to cut the bait without investing in wood, the joints are high quality.

Why you should buy the jointing machine at hongky

Currently, wood joining machines are increasingly creating the interest and great investment of many wood manufacturers. Many companies manufacturing and supplying this device were born to serve the needs of consumers.

Where you should buy the jointing machine

providing the latest and versatile woodworking equipment with many utilities. Accessories, machines are genuine imported with professional warranty.

Besides the high-end models, we also have low-cost products. Depending on your needs and financial situation, you can choose the right machine for your production facility.

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